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About MountainStream
MountainStream is a highly specialised public affairs and communications advisory that focuses on the investment industry, specifically on clients from outside of Germany. Our advisors have decades-long experience in the financial and legal field and understand the intricacies of cross-border investing. MountainStream gathers the best possible team to carry out a well-planned campaign in the political and media space in Germany, with the option to include other European markets such as France and the Netherlands and a presence at the EU level in Brussels.

We believe that fostering solid relationships with political decision-makers and influential journalists is key to a successful outcome of any public affairs campaign. We are aware that our clients need discretion while executing the various phases of public and political dialogue. Our advisors are seasoned professionals with international backgrounds including financial communications, public affairs consulting and the Law. MountainStream provides strategic communications advice on all aspects of client's business reputation across traditional and digital channels of communication.

Advisory Services

At MountainStream we have assembled a wide array of communications skills that are laser-focused on the needs of investors. Depending on the type of investment and the short and mid-term goals, we are able to address defined target groups, either in the public or corporate environment. Our experienced advisors will develop strategies and provide services that consider possible reporting thresholds, delistings, takeover situations, proxy fights and many other complex corporate situations. MountainStream works closely with our clients’ legal counsel and communications experts, in order to secure a concerted approach and consistent messaging. We take our clients causes directly to the government, if changes to the legislative framework need to be addressed. We maintain solid relationships with key legislators in the Federal Government, specifically in the Legal Affairs and Financial Committees. Our analysis group supports research needs and provides stakeholder mapping, in order to understand the decision-making landscape. Additionally, we facilitate contacts to faculties and academic organizations that are seeking research co-operations, grants and academic board opportunities.

Media and Public Relations

In our Frankfurt office we have a team of experienced and skilled Public Relation consultants who are well-connected to Germany’s leading opinion forming business publications. e.g. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, Die WELT or Capital.

Public Affairs and Governmental Relations

Although Germany is a de-centralised country with 16 federal states and a multi-layered bureaucracy, the substantive policies for investment firms are made in the Federal Capital of Berlin. Our advisors headquartered in Berlin have a network of relationships with key players in the federal government, ministries and important committees of the Bundestag. We guide our clients through the maze of the legislative process and can make their positions heard at the decision-making level.

Digital Strategies and App Development

Campaigning encompasses all possible channels of communication. MountainStream has its own department for website and app creation and assists the advisor team with online solutions that help reach specific target groups.

Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

Investment decisions affect multiple parties and stakeholders. Knowing these and being able to communicate tailored messages to those targets is essential for winning the campaign and reaching the intended goals. MountainStream assesses the impact of investment decisions on the individual stakeholder and then devises a plan on how to address her or him. The same is true for organizations and special interest groups. The Stakeholder Map will give an overview of intertwining messaging needs and is a crucial tool for the public affairs strategy.

We serve our clients on defined projects such as investment campaigns and takeover situations. However, some retain us for long-term goals and rely on our ability to deliver sustainable results. Many of our clients have worked with us for years. It is our policy to not disclose the names of our clients. We believe that discretion is necessary to build trust in our line of work. If you would like to discuss your specific needs in terms of public affairs and communications, please contact us at +49 (0) 30 - 3300 2266 55 or contact@mountainstreamadvisory.com.

Our Expertise

Shareholder Engagement

In Europe, investors increasingly use direct and indirect communications approaches to influence corporate governance and management decisions. This rising tide is met with scepticism by both incumbent boards and public. Active investing is a relatively new concept to Germany and other continental European economies. MountainStream can expertly devise and manage communications campaigns that will bring forward the underlying investment logic and help shape a public environment that can support the investment strategy. As a matter of company policy, we strictly act for the investors and do not engage in defense matters.


Our advisors draw on decades of experience providing communications support to investment firms engaged in financial transactions. This includes international and cross-border investments and exits, as well as public to private and IPO transactions. In regard to portfolio companies of our private equity clients we directly support their communications needs by separate mandate.

Special Situations and Crisis Management

In the context of investment campaigns we often see roadblocks suddenly appearing that can pose risks to the bottom line. These could come in the shape of public uproar, strikes, insolvency or reputational issues exploited by the opposing party. Investigations initiated by the government or the media may create a perceived crisis situation that needs expert handling. Finally, litigation and appraisal proceedings may require specific communications solutions that MountainStream can deliver.

Corporate Measures, Restructurings and Delistings

We advise investment companies who need communications support in change-of-control situations, when reporting thresholds are reached or when domination agreements are put in place. Likewise we have vast experience with restructurings and delisting phases, dealing with multiple stakeholders.

Our Advisors

Mountainstream is all about its team of experienced advisors.


Robert Peres

Berlin, Germany

Robert is a seasoned public affairs expert and specializes in capital markets, corporate governance and class litigation. Robert is admitted to the German bar and has spent 10 years of his career with law firms and public affairs consultancies in Washington DC. Robert is an advocate for minority shareholder rights and collective redress.

Frank Wöllstein

Frankfurt, Germany

Frank is an experienced communications advisor who has been serving national and international financial clients for over 20 years. His WBCO Frankfurt team provides unfettered access to the editorial staff rooms of Germany’s leading business and financial publiations. Frank has been owner of WBCO since 2000.

MountainStream is a joint venture of Robert Peres Consulting LLC and WBCO Public Relations GmbH, represented by Frank Wöllstein.

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